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Vehpal, Inc. (VeHPaL) owns and operates the website (the Site). VeHPaL also develops, operates and distributes certain software applications (Apps), which include hosted applications and applications for mobile devices. The Site and the Apps, together with the referral, matching and appointment services, and the data collection, storage, analysis and reporting tools, functions and services, that are provided at the Site and/or via the Apps, are collectively referred to as the Service.

The following policy explains how VeHPaL collects, uses and disseminates information obtained from or about you as a user of the Service.

Information Collected.

When you visit the Site or otherwise access the Service, web servers collect general information about your visit (such as, for example, traffic data like time, date and the address of the website from which you entered the Site), which is stored as anonymous, aggregate data. VeHPaL also collects more specific information about you and your use of the Service (such as, for example, demographic data, profile data and frequency or duration of use). Collecting such data (collectively, Traffic Data) may entail the use of software programs, web beacons, pixel tags, Cookies (as defined below), IP addresses or other numeric codes used to identify a computer.

The Service may be accessed several ways: by visiting the Site directly; or by using an App that is downloaded from VeHPaL (or a Channel Partner), which then communicates with VeHPaL’s web servers; or by using a widget that is made available to you by a Channel Partner, which operates or otherwise connects to VeHPaL’s web servers (and which may operate within a frame or wrapper provided by the Channel Partner).

Regardless of how you access the Service, to ensure the integrity of the Service, you must complete an account registration process and provide VeHPaL with current, complete and accurate information, as more specifically required by then current registration procedures and operational prompts.

By way of illustration and not limitation, you may be required to provide the following information in order to establish your account and register for and use the Service: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, vehicle information (make, model, year, mileage and VIN), username, password and certain preferences and permissions (such as, for example, preferred contact method).

Whenever you interact with the Service, a variety of technologies are employed to automatically or passively collect User Data. The term User Data means all data and information that are provided by you during registration and subsequent use of the Service (including queries related to obtaining Vehicle Services), and all other data and information about you that are otherwise discerned or collected by VeHPaL based on your access and use of the Service. For clarity, User Data includes, but is not limited to: browser or device type; operating system; time of day; identification of the page served and preceding page views; use of particular Service features or applications (such as, for example, viewing or responding to advertisements); registration data; vehicle information; geographic location; Vehicle Service histories. At no time will an App access, collect or store any of the personal contacts or photographs or any other information stored on your device without your permission.

If you elect to accept an offer for Vehicle Services and book an appointment with a Mechanic, and intend to do a cashless transaction, then you will be required to provide valid Credit Card Information (cardholder name, card number, expiration date and security code), which will be verified by VeHPaL’spayment gateway partner. VeHPaL will not store your credit card information at any time.

Any User Content that you upload, post, submit or otherwise distribute to the Site, or via any App or other aspect of the Service, will be available for public consumption.


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